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Apps for Communication

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Quick Talker Freestyle from Ablenet



The NEW QuickTalker Freestyle is a highly customizable iPad-based speech generating device (SGD) with the critical options necessary for speech-language pathologists to better meet the unique needs of their clients with communication disabilities. QuickTalker Freestyle provides greater customization by harnessing the power of the iPad, providing opportunity to prescribe nearly any augmentative and alternative communication app, and choose from a selection of protective cases.

Start by designing a custom QuickTalker Freestyle SGD for your client today!


Choose between an iPad Air 32GB or iPad mini 2nd Gen 32GB as the core of your dedicated communication device. An option to add cellular service to your iPad is available.


Choose the case that best fits the needs of the user. There are a variety of options that offer different levels of protection, integrated handle, detachable shoulder strap, tabletop kickstand, and mounting. If you don’t see the perfect case, just let us know and we’ll get it for you.


Choose the augmentative and alternative communication app that best fits the needs of the user. Apps provide a variety of language systems, symbol sets, and access methods. In the future if a new app is available or the user needs a different language system, upgrading the dedicated communication app is simple. If you don’t see the perfect app, just let us know and we’ll get it for you.








In addition, each QuickTalker Freestyle communication system comes with:

  • Wearable HiFi speaker with detachable carabiner and shoulder strap
  • Blue2 Bluetooth switch for alternative access
  • Configuration before delivery
  • Support during the entire funding process
  • Two-year AbleNet warranty











NEW SITE for apps 4 AAC -- https://sites.google.com/a/cesa6.org/iosapps4aac/





Evaluation Genie -   $9.99

Informal diagnostic tool for Speech and Language Pathologists to assess language representation models commonly found on AAC systems.  Use to select a framework for selecting an appropriate augmentative communication device.  




Language Lab:  Core Words - FREE - Prentke Romich Company



  • New PRC App helps emerging communicators learn to use their AAC device
  • High frequency core words are introduced using colorful animations and sound effects showing multiple meanings of the words
  • Word sets directly correspond with Stage One of the AAC Language Lab
  • Lessons are structured with a Learn, Practice and Review section for each word set.






Sono Flex by Tobi - $99

Sono Flex Lite - FREE




Tobii Sono Flex is an easy to use AAC vocabulary app that turns symbols into clear speech and provides language to nonverbal users who are not yet in full control of literacy.Tobii Sono Flex was developed to be easy to operate and easy for SLPs, teachers, parents, caregivers or other communication partners to set up and customize.  It is widely available on the iPhone, iPad and on PCs and dedicated speech devices via  Tobii Communicator.
  Some of the highlights of the vocabulary include:
* Combines core and topic-based vocabulary in a unique and dynamic way;
* Provides an easy and highly motivating start with over 50 pre-made context vocabularies;
* Comes with more than 11,000 SymbolStix® symbols;
* Uses the camera and photo albums of the iPhone or iPad to create your own symbols;
* Comes with 5 high quality Acapela voices; one boy, one girl, two women and one male voice;
* Offers a solid structure to build up a large common vocabulary and enables versatile communication;
* Provides excellent flexibility in tailoring the vocabulary to individual and situational needs;
* Allows development within Tobii Sono Flex, into other Sono Suite products or even other hardware platforms;



Go Talk Now - $79.99


Create one to 25 buttons per page, use own images or library, record your own speech or use text to speech, auditory scanning!







Tap Speak Button - $9.99

Turns your ipod into a single message voice output device.  Unlimited message length with unlimited messages




Tap Speak Sequence for iPad $29.99

Turns your iPad into a Sequencing communication device.   Unlimited messages and unlimited message length

Dynavox/Mayer-Johnson picture Communication Symbols can be purchased from within the app for an additional $24.99.






Tap Speak Choice - $149.99          

Use MayerJohnson Picture Symbols or your own photos with this communication board editor app. Ont to 56 messages per page.






iCommunicate - $29.99

Create pictures, storyboards, visual schedules, flashcards

Comes with 100 images and you can load your own or use images from internet









Speak It! Text to Speech Application $1.99 

Will read email, web pages, PDF's  and more.  Allows payback of recorded messages!  (communication anyone?)





iConverse - $9.99          

AAC software - includes 6 basic boards, includes auditory support





SmallTalk Aphasia - FREE


Library of pictures and video for communication for individuals with speech impairments


Talking Tom Cat - FREE      

Tom is your pet cat and repeats everything you say only at a higher pitch!


Tapikeo HD $2.99


Create talking books, AAC displays, visual schedules, memory aids,  flashcards, etc.   





ArtikPix - $49.95  Free sample version available


  • engaging articulation app with flashcard and matching activities for children with speech sound delays


  • Great app for use at home to reinforce new skills learned during speech therapy


  • ArtikPix has a deck of “th” cards with features such as recorded audio, voice recording, and data collection 


  • 21 decks with 40 cards each (840 total cards) for the following sounds: th, f, v, ch, sh, k, g, s, z, l, r, s-blends, r-blends, l-blends, p, b, m, n, t, d, j. The decks are combined, selected for sound group (e.g., beginning th, er), then practiced in full-featured flashcard and matching activities 




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iSign Lite - $4.99 and a FREE version

800 ASL signs - animated and able to sort alphabetically



Learn To Talk - $1.99 (free lite version)


Over 160 interactive flashcards to learn nouns, verbs, early syntax, and word combinations.



 App designed to provide a voice for everyone


SoundingBoardAbleNet - $49.99


In just minutes, you can create custom boards using AbleNet symbols or your own photos.

  • Create boards with up to 9 message locations
  • Virtually unlimited capacity; create boards for any situation
  • Use the built-in AbleNet symbol library for instant access to hundreds of symbols
  • Record messages of virtually any length for each symbol
  • Use your own photo library for even greater flexibility and options
  • Take your own photos using your iPhone and use them in a board immediately*
  • Increase the physical size of the boards by using iPad






iPod touch app tutorials



   Conversation Builder - $9.99 or $29.99 for all conversations


Designed for students with high functioning autism or Asperberger's -- able to set up profiles for indivdual students and app will prompt conversation based on appropriate pragmatic situation. 




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